Playing Prison Servers


Playing Prison Servers

While playing on Prison servers, players start at the lowest position with nothing more than starting equipment. Players need to earn cash and rank up to progress in the sport. They can achieve this target by mining rock, ore, or stone, and they are usually available in PVP-safe zones. Ranking up in the game is a significant part as it gives players access to a few perks, therefore it ought to be your primary goal.

The game will start with you from the spawn area, also you can enter different blocks from the main spawn area. Once you enter the first block, you will have the ability to begin mining, and your attention must be on progressing through distinct prison positions. Should you make the right moves at the ideal time and follow the rules, you will be able to progress quicker. Here are some tips that you can follow to do better in this game style.

1. Create and visit plots

Earning money is a significant part of the game, and generating a plot can help you do better in this discipline. If you establish a donation chest, players passing by your plot might end up blessing you with their own donations. Creating a shop is also a fantastic way to raise your earnings in the game, and you can sell the diamonds you mined for a fantastic amount of money.

Seeing plots made by other players may also be a good method of earning money. If a plot has a store, you can sell ores for great rates, which will provide you an increase.

2. Concentrate on ranking up

In case you have read this article carefully until today, you may have figured out that ranking up is the key here. A good deal of people likes to rate up all at once, which is not the best idea. You'll be able to sell ores for more cash as you rank up, and there is no use in holding back once you have sufficient cash to position up.

3. Keep selling items

Selling items is the best means of making money from the sport, and you can get a fantastic quantity of money by purchasing an OP weapon or armor. You may sell other things too, but you should market them for the ideal price. You ought to be aware of the worth of different items in the game since it will assist you in the long term.

4. Make a plan before getting into a struggle

Fighting other players at the sport could be enjoyable, and it may be rewarding as well. If you kill a player, you can get cool things, but it will only happen if you win the battle. You will end up losing everything if you die in the struggle, which is equally likely to occur if you do not plan your moves correctly.

A lot of players avoid getting into fights for as long as possible to prevent losing. Some players pick the filthy way and set up with strangers to make it a 2v1 battle. This makes it simpler for them to acquire the fight, but they can get back-stabbed at any point. Rushing into things can make things worse, which means you should try and make wise choices.

5. Do not break rules

Some servers might not be as rigorous as others, but you shouldn't ever risk breaking rules. You need to understand that these principles protect you from getting tricked and they create a gambling experience safe for your players.

If you follow these tips, you are likely to succeed in the game. One other important thing is to be constant, and you are able to take items to a whole new level by planning every move economically. It is important to stay focused while enjoying the sport since it will permit you to grab every opportunity you get.


In this article, we discussed how you can discover the best Minecraft Prison servers. In case you've read this article carefully, you will understand how to join a brand new host and play with this game mode. We also shared some suggestions that you could use to advance faster. Now you know where to discover a good Minecraft Prison machine, then let us get ready to stone the game.