Minecraft mining guide

Minecraft literally means "mine" in it's name. While there are many things you can do on the surface of Minecraft, the real adventure starts when you start digging deeper. Mining is an essential part of the adventure.

Many new players may just begin digging and end up in serious danger. Mining shouldn't be taken lightly, as everything below the ground can pose danger. They must be prepared before they go deep below the ground.

5 best mining tips for Minecraft beginners

Minecraft mining is an integral part of the game. There are many tricks and tips to help you mine. These are just a few tips to help new players as they mine in the dark.

5) Understanding the Ore Generation Levels

Players need to be able to identify what they are looking for once they have started mining. Are they looking for Iron, Redstone or Diamonds? Knowing which ore forms at what level is crucial. Diamond ores are only found below y=12 while iron can be found anywhere from y=54 to y=5.

4) The stairway that leads from the surface to the mines

Although mining diagonally underground is time-consuming, it's the fastest and most convenient way to create a path to the mines. There is no risk of players digging down into the lava and falling down a hole. They are able to navigate easily up and down without any confusion.

3) Make sure you have enough torchos

The most important item in Minecraft is the Torches. Players should have plenty of them when mining. Because they must be used frequently, Torches are very useful and can be used quickly during mining. Players should have as many as possible.

2) Carry a water bucket

You can avoid many potential dangers by simply bringing a water bucket to the mines. By mixing lava with water, players can avoid lava burning and create Obsidian. Water can also be used to protect players from falling damage in large caves.

1) Strip Mining

This is the best way to setup a Minecraft mine. Strip mining is when you mine in one direction, then move on to the smaller branches right and left of the main branch. This method is efficient and can be used to locate any type of ore, especially Diamonds. It's not the most exciting, and players may get tired of hitting single lines all day. However, it does yield some great loot.

Mining can be a dangerous business. Players may encounter hostile mobs or lava at any moment. These tips will help you get started in Minecraft.