Minecraft guide to enchanting

Minecraft players can add enchantments to their items to give them special abilities. Enchantments can be used to enhance the item's durability or strength.

There are many enchantments available for Minecraft players. Each one does a different thing. There are two main ways to place enchantments on items in Minecraft.

Enchanted books can be used to place enchantments onto items using anvils. Enchanting tables is the most popular way to enchant your items. Enchanted books do not need to be used with an enchanting table.

How to make your enchantments stronger on the enchanting Table in Minecraft

To get stronger enchantments on the table, players must first do some things. This article will show players how to strengthen enchantments on the Minecraft table.

Let's start with how to create a magical table

To create enchanting tables, newer players will need to use items that are more rare than others. To craft the table, players will need four blocks made of obsidian and two diamonds.

Players will need lapis lazuli as well as a good amount of enchantment levels (or XP), to be able to use the table. Lapis can be found in the middle/bottom caves or ravines.

To obtain lower level enchantments, it won't cost much XP. Higher level, more powerful enchantments (level 30-enchantments), require players to have higher XP levels. Only one thing can be done by players to reach the maximum level of enchantments (30), on the table.

How to obtain level 30 enchantments

Place bookshelves around the table to get level 30 enchantments. Players must place 15 bookshelves around a table in a 5-by-5 square. This will leave one opening for players to access the table.

The player won't be able to gain stronger enchantments if the bookshelves are not placed around the table. Only the lower-level enchantments will work. You can make bookshelves with six wooden planks, unenchanted books and a few other materials.

You can also mine bookshelves using a silk touch-enchanted item. Three books will drop if you mine a bookshelf with an item that is not enchanted by silk touch.