Minecraft dungeons best enchantments

There are many enchantments in Minecraft Dungeons that heroes can use, which can make it confusing for new players to decide which ones are worth their time.

The meta of Minecraft Dungeons is always changing so the best enchantments for any category are constantly evolving. Developers tweak existing ones, and the Minecraft Dungeons Community discovers new builds to enhance high-level play.

There are a few enchantments that excel in their respective roles. This is especially true when they are properly combined with the right gear and other enchantments. Below is a list of melee-enchantments that are among the best in Minecraft Dungeons.

5) Rampaging

Rampaging is a common enchantment that can be used to speed up melee builds in Minecraft Dungeons. It allows you to stack substantial increases in attack speed for every mob you defeat. This enchantment has a 10% chance of triggering, but the attack speed boost can be stacked multiple times if it triggers multiple times.

Players can increase the duration of the attack speed by putting the maximum number of enchantment points into the enchantment, and raising it to rank 3. Pair it with melee weapons such as Fighter's Bindings to increase the weapon's attack power.

4) Anima Conduit

Soul harvesting is an important part of Minecraft Dungeons' current meta. "Soul reaper" builds are available for tanking and damage-dealing roles. Anima Conduit can be used to enhance your survivability by utilizing soul harvesting.

This enchantment increases health per person on a percentage-based scale, making it a good choice for tank builds. This is especially true for heroes who are using additional gear or enchantments to harvest more soul, which ensures that they remain alive as long as they are fighting off enemies.

3) Sharpness

Sharpness, an enchantment that was also present in the original Minecraft is now available in Minecraft Dungeons. Although the enchantment increases melee weapon damage, it uses a different mathematical approach.

Sharpness's damage increases from 10% to rank I to 11% with each rank. Enchantment points can be used to upgrade it to 33% more damage at rank III.

It is extremely helpful to have 33% more overall melee damage, especially if the hero has one of the best melee weapons in Minecraft Dungeons.

2) Committed

A melee enchantment that allows players defeat mobs that are already weak. Committed deals up to 100% additional damage (at rank III to enemies that have already taken damage). This is a great way to get rid of enemies, especially if you have weapons that are quick to wound them.

This enchantment is invaluable against bosses. It allows the player to deal more damage to bosses than if they have already dealt damage. This enchantment is extremely useful when trying to dodge bosses' attacks and patterns.

1) Enigma Resonator

Enigma Resonator, a powerful melee enchantment that can be used to harvest souls in Minecraft Dungeons, can be used once enough souls have been gained.

An increase in rank increases the likelihood that the enchantment can be activated, up to 25% for rank III. Once activated, the enchantment will deal triple damage to players based on how many souls they have.

This enchantment can be combined with Critical Hit to allow players to do up to nine times the normal damage. Although it is uncommon, this can be extremely devastating for anyone who comes within melee range of Minecraft Dungeons.