Is Magic coming to Minecraft ?


Is Magic coming to Minecraft ?

There is plenty to look forward for in 2022 for Minecraft fans. The Wild Update promises some exciting features, including the introduction of a new mangrove wood type in swamps and the threat of the Warden lurking in the deepest parts of the new Deep Dark biome. Mojang is constantly looking to the future of Minecraft, despite how exciting the update may be. Mojang is probably pondering what new features might help Minecraft grow while it prepares Wild Update's content. While there are many new mob types and blocks, Mojang should consider adding spellcasting to Minecraft in a future update.

Magic is a prominent feature in Minecraft. It is crucial to enchant Minecraft's armor and weapons. Certain potions can also save lives or give you an advantage in battle. However, Minecraft players cannot simply cast spells. Only an inventory of splash potions and tippedarrows can recreate the magic in an unmodified version of Minecraft. Given the number of Minecraft mods that add wizardry to Minecraft, it's clear there's interest in this feature. Mojang has begun to think about how to incorporate spells into Minecraft.

Because Minecraft players are limited in their abilities and skill progression, all they can do is use the inventory contents. Magic in Minecraft will require the creation of a staff or wand that performs spellcasting. Mojang could make a partial wand recipe out of existing Minecraft items to integrate magic into its game content. Blaze Rods from The Nether could be used as the base for the wand/staff, and gemstones such as diamonds, emeralds or amethyst fragments could be used as the tip.

It might make Minecraft magic more practical if each wand is able to cast only one spell at once, just like bows can't randomly select from different types of arrows in an archer's inventory. Players might have to place certain materials in the wand, which will determine what kind of spell it casts and also serve as a resource for the wand. Players might use Fire Charges to cast fire spells, while the precious Golden Apple can charge wands with a powerful healing spell. It would feel more natural to use standard Minecraft items for spell resources, while encouraging existing players to reconsider how they spend their resources.

Now obviously some minecraft servers are already incorporating magic systems but if an official version of magic would be introduced, that just might make it all the more interesting.